To propose a wine card and try to satisfy the clientele is always a tough task, we start from our experience which is mainly made of search and passion , so next to blasone labels and established traditions you will find as many and perhaps more numerous companies that make their ticket a sight. In some cases we are happy to go against the current, our tastes, and our winery and wine cellars have allowed us to offer both high quality Italian and non-Italian products and what I'm sorry, Of price often very cheap in spite of products whose fame is justified and the less cost. We have done this sacrifice, extremely enjoyable, hoping to do what is pleasing to everyone who loves wine, champagne and distillates. You have the task of drinking and judging.

Paper reading is simple, bubbles, white and pink, followed by red with the help of some geographic maps and a section for dessert wines, this in order to favor an immediate choice; For those who love big formats, there will be some special pages.

We wish you a good read or even better a nice drink to match the dishes our chefs prepare for you.

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